Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Studio Artist Highlight - Winter 2015-2016

Elsa with her amazing quilt, Summer 2015.  Photo:  Kelly Norling

Seams Good Studio is happy to present Elsa as our Highlighted Artist for Winter!

Elsa began working at the studio in the summer of 2013 and we’ve been lucky to have her return to a camp every year.  She brings a joy and fearlessness to her creativity that inspires all around her. 

Famous quote, smiling big:  “Yeah, I can do that, no problem!”  The future is bright, having artists like Elsa in the world.  

Thanks for your reflections, Elsa!

At the cutting table, the beginning of a sling bag.


Hello! My name is Elsa and I am a 12-year old student at da Vinci Arts Middle School. I am a sew-er, an actress, a musician, and a dancer. 

Careful piecing makes strong work.

The things that inspire me to sew are that you can do anything that you want with your work, and you can move at any pace you want. An actress, however, has to stick to their ideas. That is what inspires me to sew. 

Stitching with JOY.
 The only time I find hard is when I mess up or I only have a little amount of time to do the work, and I can’t take my time. 

Trimming the outer bag.
I want my art to go to people in need, who aren’t able to create the art I create. I want it to go to kids in need, people in poverty, people fighting for our country and to anyone who doesn't have the objects they need to create art. 

Awesome result!

When I grow up, I want my art to make people happy and I want it to make them value art.  I want it to inspire people.  


Over this summer, I made a quilt that really made me value life, like an inanimate pep-talk. I found that inspiration to be really amazing, and I would like to create more like it for people in my future.

Elsa's dog, Lola, and her custom-made bed and pillow!  Photo:  Kelly Norling