Friday, January 6, 2017

Meet Ava!

Seams Good Studio is proud to present Ava, our featured artist for Winter/Spring 2017. 
Ava brings deep power, skill and heart to her work.  Besides sewing, her talents include dance,
culinary arts and music.  We first worked together Summer Camp 2015. We are always lucky to have her brightening the studio.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with us Ava

Photo: Ava's mom Sanjna

I do ballet.  
This year I was in the nutcracker, and I have been taking ballet for four years.  
I also just got on pointe. 

I also enjoy drawing, and baking.

Ava's artwork.  Photo: Ava's mom Sanjna

I also sew.  
My grandma inspired me to sew 
because it’s fun when I get chances to sew with her.

Ava wearing her new apron while putting together her next project.  Summer Camp 2015

Fabric also inspires me for what I want to make.

Photo: Ava's mom Sanjna

What challenges me the most?  
Dealing with the machine for example, 
if the needle breaks. 
Also hamsters  
(little tangles of thread balls underneath the seam) 
are annoying because it disrupts my focus and what I am doing.

I would like to start a shop with homemade clothes and toys 
for dogs and other animals.

A super-soft, extra-fluffy dog bed.  Spring Break Camp 2016

Ruby is a very lucky dog, indeed!  Photo: Ava's mom Sanjna

Ruby in her comfy new outfit.  Photo: Ava's mom Sanjna

I would like to see all of my stuff worldwide on dogs.


Some advice I would like to give to younger sew-ers or beginners 
is to start sewing with a happy and a creative mind. 

American Girl doll outfits, Spring Break Camp 2016.

Also, keep your mind open and be willing to try new things.

Ava's Kitty, with wired tail and vintage eyes.  Fall Camp 2016
Photo: Ava's mom Sanjna

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

Studio Artist Highlight - Spring/Summer 2016

Meet Joel, Featured Artist for Spring/Summer 2016!
Joel, a 3rd-grader, began lessons at Seams Good Studio November 2015 and has been rocking the world with his amazing projects!  Joel brings a wealth of talent to his studio art skills – including martial arts, dance, and music.
Thanks for your thoughts and work, Joel. You’re an awesome inspiration!

Joel and his HUGE zippered pillow, including a "Tooth Fairy pocket," bottom right. 
Photo:  Joel’s mom, Suzanne

I do Taekwondo (martial arts), Hip-Hop (dance art), Sewing (textile art) and Piano & Vocals (music art.)   I find inspiration for my sewing in bright, bold colors.   

Joel's projects - Placemats, Stocking for his Grandma, first pillow, bright and bold!
Photos of placemats & stocking:  Suzanne

I find something usual, then add something to it.   
I really like to add pockets.



Making the pockets for the backpack & shoulder bag Joel designed and created.

Right now, I find overlapping to connect two pieces of fabric a challenge.  I also find zippers to be a challenge.


Choosing the fabric, cutting & designing, inserting the zipper, attaching the straps of the bag.

A goal I have is to sew clothing for me and others.  I would like to see other people wearing my clothing. 

I have learned everything I know from Lisa, she is really nice and I look forward to every new day of sewing.