Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Studio Artist Highlight - Fall 2015

Seams Good Studio is excited to highlight Maya for the Fall of 2015.  
Maya first came to the studio this past summer.
Her art life is rich—with interests in making and selling jewelry, 
experimenting with pottery and painting, and learning aerial/acrobatic dance!  
It's an inspiration to share molecules with artists like Maya in the studio.  
Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Maya!

It was a great class. The teacher was very nice. The class was five days
and each class lasted three hours in the morning.  She taught me how to
sew normal pillows and I also used the pillows to make pillow pals, which
I came up with the idea.  


I made three pillow pals, small, medium and large but I made a mistake on the small one because I sew it wrong, but
the medium and big ones came up fine.

I also liked this class because I went with my best friend Melina. 
The teacher had a cat that slept in one of the fabric bins and Melina and I made crowns, letters, bows, and even a mailbox, so she looked like a Queen. 

Callie, the neighbor cat, 16 years old, wearing her crown
I had a chance to use a sewing machine again but you have to be careful when using a sewing machine to make sure you don't go too fast when you are learning. The last day we got to create our own show with all the stuff that we made and we got to present it in front of the class and the parents. 

I would like to do it again and keep getting my sewing skills better and better as I would like to learn how to make my own dresses one day.

Maya with her quilted heart and her dog, Martha

Bottom photos: Ana De La Rua Domenech