Monday, May 9, 2016

Studio Artist Highlight - Spring/Summer 2016

Meet Joel, Featured Artist for Spring/Summer 2016!
Joel, a 3rd-grader, began lessons at Seams Good Studio November 2015 and has been rocking the world with his amazing projects!  Joel brings a wealth of talent to his studio art skills – including martial arts, dance, and music.
Thanks for your thoughts and work, Joel. You’re an awesome inspiration!

Joel and his HUGE zippered pillow, including a "Tooth Fairy pocket," bottom right. 
Photo:  Joel’s mom, Suzanne

I do Taekwondo (martial arts), Hip-Hop (dance art), Sewing (textile art) and Piano & Vocals (music art.)   I find inspiration for my sewing in bright, bold colors.   

Joel's projects - Placemats, Stocking for his Grandma, first pillow, bright and bold!
Photos of placemats & stocking:  Suzanne

I find something usual, then add something to it.   
I really like to add pockets.



Making the pockets for the backpack & shoulder bag Joel designed and created.

Right now, I find overlapping to connect two pieces of fabric a challenge.  I also find zippers to be a challenge.


Choosing the fabric, cutting & designing, inserting the zipper, attaching the straps of the bag.

A goal I have is to sew clothing for me and others.  I would like to see other people wearing my clothing. 

I have learned everything I know from Lisa, she is really nice and I look forward to every new day of sewing.