Monday, June 1, 2015

Studio Artist Highlight - Summer 2015

Seams Good Studio is proud to feature Julia for the Summer of 2015.
Julia’s work is so inspiring.  She is a powerful artist and it’s been an honor to have her in the studio all these years.
Thanks Julia!
This spring, I brought two things I like together, quilting and helping younger kids. Lisa and I went to the 3rd grade classrooms at Chapman Elementary and helped each student make a pillow. It was the first real job I’ve ever had. I enjoyed helping with each step: sewing the patches, ironing, and trimming the edges. I loved getting to choose the patterns and cut the pieces for the pillows we made for the five teachers.

I’m 11 years old and I started quilting when I was 8. I learned about Lisa’s classes from my Girl Scout troop and signed up for a week-long summer camp. I had so much fun that I signed up for her next camp during Winter Break. After that camp, I started taking weekly lessons from Lisa.

I like quilting for many reasons. It is relaxing for me, I can use what I make, and I can give great gifts to friends and family. I think I have a talent for choosing colors and patterns that go together in exciting ways. Another part of quilting that I like is using a sewing machine, especially when I’m working on a section where I can go fast. Since my first camp, I’ve made about 9 pillows, 4 small quilts and 3 messenger bags. I’m currently working on a queen-size bed quilt. It has taken 2 years so far, at an hour per week, and I should finish it this summer. I hope more people get to try quilting and love it just as much as I do.
Pedal to the metal on Julia's first log-cabin quilt.

Julia's beautiful style.

Learning the rotary cutter.  (Note the high-tech duct tape finger guard :)

First quilt ever.

Early days of pedal to the metal.  A pillow was needed to reach the machine.

Done.  Fabulous.

Another quilt, made as a gift for a school teacher.

Pillows made from patterns.

Julia's first pillow from her own design...

...and her first shoulder bag from her own design.
Summer 2014