Sunday, March 1, 2015

Studio Artist Highlight - Spring 2015

Meet Sheri, who first came to Seams Good Studio in the spring of 2013.  I'm so inspired by her strong and beautiful work.  Below are her reflections and creations.  Thanks for sharing, Sheri!

A new 8-week class for adults will begin in April.  More info. 

I heard Lisa give an artist’s talk on quilting.  As she passed around her beautiful creations, she spoke of her grandmother, who taught her to sew.  I missed my own grandmothers, both gone now for many years.  Both had been quilters, and I regretted not taking the time to sit by their sides and learn to sew. 

“I want to learn to quilt,” I told Lisa after her presentation.

“You can,” she said.  “I’m teaching a class.”

I signed up because I had quit my job and moved to Portland from Chicago.  I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do next.

But I could make a quilt, Lisa assured me, even though I had never sewn anything before and had “sewing machine anxiety.”

Every week for eight weeks Lisa welcomed me into her graceful studio.  Under her calm, gentle guidance the fabrics I chose magically became my own creation.  During our first class, she gave me a seam ripper.  “You will need this,” she said solemnly.  “Everyone makes mistakes, and the first time you use it we will clap and cheer.”

Making a quilt is the perfect metaphor for reinventing myself.  The fabric store has every color and style imaginable.  The possibilities are endless.  Wandering down the aisles I get to listen to my heart and my inner artist, and find out what she likes.  Mistakes could and would be made.

But in the end, something tangible and tactile and lovely emerges.  An idea made into reality.  How grateful I am to Lisa for teaching me that.

From smaller squares, Sheri laid out a "sketch" of her design.  That way she didn't have to cut into her beautiful fabrics right away.

Here she lays out her quilt top.

The final quilt.  Gorgeous!  And truly Sheri's own design.